Tu Asata

This song is inspired by and dedicated to all the amazing senior citizens around me. All these people who support each other for decades, live every day to the fullest and admire tiny aspects of beauty in each other, make me believe in the magic of true companionship.

The song began with the concept of ‘Tu Asata’ in my mind and came out in the form of a tune on which Sadhana Aai wrote the phenomenal lyrics

The sound of Ukulele brings in a unique charm and adds vibrance to the feeling of love. Thanks to Radhika, we could make this song with this remarkable instrument.

Special thanks to the stars in the video Mr. Mohan and Mrs. Sunita Bal who joyfully agreed to do what they always do the best : be themselves!

Inspite of the strict lockdown, we could manage to film these amazing shots due to the incredibly talented Bharat who has done outstanding work with the home-shoot!

Enjoy this simple yet heartfelt feeling and please do share with your loved ones

Link for all platforms : https://smarturl.it/tuasata

Lyrics : Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar
Ukulele and Guitars : Radhika Anturkar
Starring : Mr Mohan and Mrs Sunita Bal
Cinematography : Bharat Mohan Sunita
Music and Vocals : Saee Tembhekar

You can listen to this song on your favourite platform and use them in your Instagram and Facebook Stories.
With the utmost hope that you shower all of us with the same love that we put in making this, presenting the third song of my new album.

तू असता मज जग सारे
वाटते का नवे ?

सुमने जुनी जरी कागदी
भासे मला गंध भोवती
उजाड मज हे माळरान ताजे दिसे पान पान
दृष्टी ही मज नवी देई साथ ही

निशा ही जरी मिट्ट काजळी
चमचमते नभ भासे सोबती
मौनातही जरी तव भान ऐकू येई मज गान
श्रुष्टी ही साजिरी दावी साथ ही

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