Adding quality to your audio & video

I get go many queries about people wanting to start recording, making videos, and creating content but very few of them actually cross that ‘first step’ Even if we live in a ocean of information, sometimes the tiny content which you produce can positively affect someone’s life and maybe that is an amazing motivation to start.

Beginning is always the hardest step. Here are a few easy ways to begin creating content!

There is no doubt that social media is one of the most effective means to showcase your work, and even if you don’t want to get into it full-time, the quality of content that you post speaks a lot about you. Be it work-video calls which are LIVE or it is recording of content, quality of audio and video is important. For example, if you are recording a video from your phone camera, even if the content you are showing is fabulous, but the video is shaky, it will not give the viewer a good experience and might hamper your audience engagement. Using a tripod when recording videos can be an easiest way to improve your output quality.

I recommend using this light weight yet sturdy tripod (which I personally use and love) and you can get it here :

If you want to shoot videos outdoors too and want some flexibility on that front, try using this gorilla tripod which will work hard for you. This is a reasonable product and will work wonders on the stability than hand=held videos :

If you plan to talk in your videos and want clear voice you can try a base level lapel microphone to make the output sound better. I have personally used this :

This post is just to facilitate the process of motivation for you to start creating the content you want and not look back! Watch our for this space as I intend to share much more information about content creation process here!

This was a simple post to share my experiences of using digital media. If you would like to share any insights on this, please share it in the comments! Would love to know more! If you need a customised solution for digital media for any of your projects, I would be happy to help here :

The links mentioned in the blog are affiliate links and if you decide to buy them, I get a small commission which helps me to keep this website running! So please buy through the mentioned links. You also might end up getting it cheaper. Thanks in advance and good luck!

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