The Significant Connection

We, performing artists are almost ‘lame’ without technology today. Our powerful or subtle, dramatic or sombre performances will remain on our side of the fence without this ‘significant connection’ between us and the audience. We usually undertake a very crucial task of a ‘Soundcheck‘ before any performance. I sometimes feel that it is like the silence before the storm, a storm of emotions and passion roaring out of the stage and reaching out to the audience through this technology marvel that confidently sits in between the artists and the audience. I personally enjoy and look forward to this phenomenon before any concert. It is like putting the first gear and smoothly cruising from the parking bay on to a beautiful road ahead. But as goes the famous quote : ‘One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man’, the person who is handling this whole technology of mixing the entire sound from the stage is one of the most important member of the team!  
The soundcheck is our little moment on stage as a team. The entire empty auditorium acts like a key witness to the artist’s preparation and efforts to make those few hours’ worthwhile for the audience. There is a lot that goes behind the curtains. It is a story in itself. I am writing about my perspective of a music concert being presented, but I am sure it holds true and has many colourful variations of a similar story for all other art forms presented from any stage. A microphone for a singer/musician is like a soulmate for his art. The microphone doesn’t ask questions, it just feels the artist and fulfils the utmost important task of being the ‘significant connection’Amongst all the off stage artists, the sound engineer has a unique place in the hearts of all performers. The guy behind the sound mixer, is a bigger artist by himself, who understands and interprets the smallest of the actions of all the on-stage performers and curates the finest output for the audience. 
When gearing up for any of my upcoming concert, i also sincerely look forward to the ‘soundcheck’  to be able to achieve the unparalleled connection ! 

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