10 reasons to visit Thailand beyond Elephants & Massage

Each new place that we visit reaffirms how tiny we are before Nature. Thailand, you blue beauty, take a bow! ❤️ Thailand is beyond just elephants & massage. Thailand gives a soothing vibe and read on why you should visit this rejuvenating nation.

1. Warm People.

The Thai people are warm and hospitable. We came across super amiable people since we landed in Thailand. They are always smiling and will welcome you with joined hands and their traditional “Sawasdee Ka” in a  cheerful tone. Tourism being one of the main contributors, the hospitality we received from everyone was exceptional.

2. Efficient Public Transport.

We travelled in the Phuket province, a few islands and Bangkok. Thailand has an efficient public transport system. Minivans, buses, domestic flights (which are pretty cheap if you book early) Skytrains, Metros in Bangkok and ferries for the islands are an excellent option to reach your destination. We also used the free shuttle from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Don Muang Airport and it was an excellent ride.


3. Versatile Country

Thailand is a huge country and offers a versatile spectrum of experiences for everyone. Phuket has a number of beaches and proximity to many islands. Chiang Mai province to the north of Bangkok, with its dense wilderness is still unexplored . Thailand is more than Bangkok. Pattaya & Phuket. A lot of small islands surrounding the Phuket and Krabi provinces are booming and attracting a lot of travellers.


4, Phuket Old Town

It is lovely part of Phuket town with colourful houses and lovely lanes. The cafés and boutique shops give some of the lanes the typical European feel. The Phuket old town area is vibrant and full of amazing restaurants and souvenir shops. It can be easily explored on foot. The colourful old houses add a special charm to the surroundings.


5. Thai Food

Thailand is a paradise for food lovers. Especially for those who adore seafood. There are limited options for vegetarians but overall you can find almost anything and everything from street-food to fancy restaurants. The Thais are passionate for fruits. Any meal is incomplete without fruits ; pineapple and dragon fruit being their favourite.  In Bangkok, from small street vendors – selling a variety of fruits to the tallest hotel in Bangkok offering a all-you-can-eat Fruit Buffet, we could see and feel the fruit-love!


6. Island Experiences

Thailand is synonymous to beaches.  For us, more exciting than the beaches was the island hopping experiences. You can take the long tail boat or the speed boat to arrive at the islands near Phuket. Each island is unique and it is extremely hard to chose which one to visit with the limited time. Ideally one can stay for a month and visit one new island or its part everyday. Different islands offer unique experiences like snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing and kayaking in the caves. For people who love the sea, and adventure, this is one of the primary reasons to visit Thailand!


7. Thai Massage (of course you cant omit this reason!!)

One of the main things that Thailand is known for is its massage. The Thai massage technique is unique and is a divine experience after a long day of walking and running around. Massage shops are almost everywhere and more easily found than restaurants and convenient stores. The rates are pretty standard and services are professional. This experience is surely not to be missed when in Thailand.

8. Bangkok

The capital of Thailand, this dazzling city has so much to offer. Being a huge city, Bangkok is best explored with its public transport. The Skytrains (BTS), MRT, buses and ferries to cross the river are pretty affordable and time-efficient. Travelling by a cab during traffic hours or rains can be a nightmare. Shopping malls, old temples, street shopping, floating markets, parks and a huge variety of restaurants make Bangkok an enjoyable experience.


9. Safety

We felt very safe when we were travelling in Thailand. Unless you do something extraordinarily bad, Thailand is a safe place for tourists and the locals are very helpful. 1155 is the tourist police helpline which is exhibited everywhere. Thailand a country for which tourism is a major contributor for the economy. All the major areas are tourist friendly and there are clear signboards in English too, though Thai is the predominant language.

10. Visa on Arrival

Thailand offers Visa on Arrival for India and many countries, It is a global tourist hub. You just need to show a proof of 20,000 THB per person and you are just a flight ticket away from Thailand. All the major provinces offer a mixed bag for accommodation from charming homestays, budget hostels to gorgeous resorts which can spoil you! Here you can have a option of a budget backpacking trip or a luxury as per your time and finances.

We feel that Thailand will not disappoint anyone as the country has a lot of wide-ranging experiences for everyone. A lot of land adventure activities like ATV rides, ziplining, bike tours are in store too. We were impressed by the country and would recommend all nature-lovers to experience the charm that it has to offer ! Read about 10 extraordinary experiences that defined our Thailand Getaway, 


P.S. We live on a beautiful planet. Please do not litter. Be a responsible traveller.

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