The Tiny Dot Experience – 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road

I was in 8th grade. There was this advert in the newspaper saying “Visit Australia” with the background of Opera house and the Harbour bridge. Since that day I had decided in my mind that I wanted to visit Australia. So what I did was so funny but truly intelligent for a little me. I started putting Rs. 10 in my piggy bank everyday. I don’t know how many days that lasted but that was a vivid memory of my Australia-wanderlust from childhood. Now even after having visited all the major cities of Australia, I can never stop being in love with the country.
My trip to the Great Ocean Road was an unplanned pleasant surprise to me thanks to my cousin and her family. I had just seen the pictures of the 12 Apostles and to see them in reality was like a dream come true. Not all roads are created equal ~ is rightly said about the Great Ocean Road.
The drive on the Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic drives in the world. We were driving through miles and miles of lush rain forests, small villages and dairy farms to keep us company. You can never imagine that there is going to be a gigantic ocean right in front of you when you are driving towards it. And suddenly with no warning : THERE IT IS ! The Serene Blue colour calms down all the anxiety and takes you off on your own journey of imagination.

The Great Ocean Road is a jewel on the rugged south-west coast of Victoria. It does not feel enough to take in a part of the scenic coastline even if we stop and stare and every lookout positioned along the driving route. Finally when I brought myself out of the spectacular drive, we reached the parking of the 12 Apostles. My senses had a little time to relax as I was filled with awe again when we walked along the route towards the lookout point. The blue colour of the ocean to the backdrop of the limestones of the apostles looked like a watercolour canvas.
The Apostles are said to be formed by erosion due to the harsh sea and weather in the southern ocean. Limestone is that kind of a rock which forms layers. So when we see the Apostles we actually see a geological history of millions of years. It feels astonishing.
Since it is not possible to see all the apostles from the lookout point they have an awesome arrangement of a helicopter ride. This was the highlight of the visit. After a patient wait for the ride, we took off from the helipad towards the horizon. The feeling of flying over the blue canvas was mind-blowing. The pilot was giving live commentary explaining about each Apostle . The mesmerization was too strong to listen to the intricate details. But I was caught in his narration when he pointed at the cave which was situated between two apostles.
It is an invigorating feeling to see the Apostles standing up straight combating the strong waves and the fierce winds for millions of years. It is almost the end-of-the-earth when you are standing at the last point on the lookout and eyeing the horizon towards the south pole.

Yet the wave action continues to erode the Apostles, so there are no longer 12 of them. Visit to such iconic natural marvels often make me realise what I call the tiny-dot feeling. In this huge world, on this whopping great mother earth, there are so many beautiful remarkable things and experiences that all our problems, egos and negativities seem like a tiny-dot. I am always on the lookout for more and more tiny-dot experiences.

I could think of just one song  which echoed my feelings with the lovely emotion since I visited the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles in Victoria ~

I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation
And the only explanation I can find.
Is the love that I’v found ever since you been around
Your love’s put me on the Top of The World !

It was indeed a top-of-the-world experience! Been there, Done that kinda experience.
For everyone who love from their hearts and appreciate the greater picture in life, this is a MUST visit place at least once in your life!

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